How to Know When You Should See a Chiropractor

You might think you need to have back pain to see a chiropractor. Would you be surprised if we told you that our chiropractors are skilled in the treatment of other conditions and illnesses, too?

At Allied Integrative Health & Wellness, we know how to treat back pain. But many patients are surprised to hear that we can help with a variety of conditions using a multidisciplinary approach. And some patients say they wish they’d come to see us sooner.

We don’t want you to have to wait any longer for relief, so here are a few reasons you might need to book an appointment in our Cleveland office today.

You’ve been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy

Many conditions can cause peripheral neuropathy, including diabetes, trauma, or autoimmune diseases. With peripheral neuropathy, the nerves in your hands and feet don’t communicate properly with your brain. This can leave you struggling with numbness and tingling. Not being able to feel your feet can leave you at an increased risk for injuries, such as falls and bumps.

We can’t cure your peripheral neuropathy, but we work to target it at the root of the problem, allowing the symptoms to resolve on their own. We might use physical therapy, electrical stimulation, and other chiropractic treatments to correct the underlying cause. And, with nutritional counseling and other lifestyle changes, we can naturally reduce your neuropathy symptoms.

You need rehabilitation support

If you’ve had recent surgery, an accident, or another illness that’s slowed you down, you might need some extra help to get back on your feet. Our chiropractic team can create an individualized plan that focuses on the areas of recovery you need most. This might include exercises, adjustments, massage, or hot and cold therapy. We can help to increase your strength and endurance to get you feeling better in no time.

You struggle with joint pain from arthritis

If you’re looking for natural ways to decrease the pain from arthritis, it’s time to try a chiropractic treatment plan. Our physicians concentrate on the relationship between the structure of your bones and their function. By gently manipulating your soft tissue and joints, we can decrease muscle spasms and relieve joint tenderness.

We might also use ultrasound, electrotherapy, and hot or cold treatments to lessen the joint inflammation. Through nutritional counseling, we can assess your diet and suggest foods to try and those to avoid to further help with your symptoms.

Your spine is curved

If your spine is curved, you might have scoliosis, which usually makes itself known during childhood, but may develop after a physical injury or neuromuscular disorder. Typical treatments, like braces and surgery, can be limiting and require lengthy recovery times, but chiropractic care can reduce pain and improve your spinal range of motion.

You have back pain

One of our core functions is to treat back pain without surgical intervention. We perform spinal manipulations in which we exert quick pressure to specific areas of your back to realign your vertebrae. Once these bones are in proper position, you’ll notice less pain and more mobility in your spinal movements. We’ll also stretch your muscles and joints to increase the range of motion, and decrease pain and inflammation.

Are you ready to get on the path of natural healing where multiple approaches are used to treat your problem? Find out what the chiropractic team at Allied Integrative Health & Wellness can do for you. Call our office or book online today to schedule a consultation.

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