Pain Management

Woman suffering from neck painLiving in pain undermines your quality of life. At Allied Integrative Health & Wellness, the interdisciplinary team of providers offers a variety of treatments and therapies to help you get your pain under control so you can start on the road to healing. If you live in Cleveland or the surrounding area, our experts can create a customized pain management plan for you. Call the office or use the online booking agent to make an appointment.

What therapies are offered for pain management?

At Allied Integrative Health & Wellness, the staff offers chiropractic manipulations, physical therapy, nutrition counseling, massage therapy, and acupuncture to help reduce your pain. Because pain can affect many aspects of your life, you need this multidisciplinary approach.

What types of pain can be treated?

Pain derives from a variety of conditions. You may have experienced an acute injury or have an ongoing chronic condition. Examples of pain that can be addressed by the team at Allied Integrative Health & Wellness include:

  • Headaches
  • Lower back pain
  • Spinal disc issues
  • Sports injuries
  • Piriformis syndrome and sciatica
  • Peripheral nerve pain
  • Neck pain

What physical therapy is available for pain management?

The physical therapy team at Allied Integrative Health & Wellness assists you in exercises to help alleviate pain, including stretching exercises. Strengthening exercises can resolve muscle imbalances to reduce pain from overuse or misalignments. During physical therapy, you also perform exercises that help improve your range of motion, so you experience less stiffness that brings about pain.

Physical therapist Sheldon Gold applies thermotherapy (hot and cold treatments) to address joint pain. Heat increases the temperature of your soft tissue and increases blood flow. Cold therapy decreases the temperature of the skin, which reduces inflammation.

Electrical stimulation, in which electrodes are placed on the skin to deliver energy to injured areas, can reduce pain and decrease muscle spasms.

How does chiropractic help with pain management?

Dr. Whetstone uses spinal manipulations and other alternative treatments to help align your musculoskeletal structure. When your vertebrae and other joints are out of alignment, it can compromise your nerves and restrict blood flow, leading to a host of painful conditions. Dr. Whetstone can use chiropractic adjustments to relieve many kinds of pain, including but not limited to headaches, neck pain, back pain, and leg pain.

He also offers cervical and lumbar traction, both of which help to relieve pressure on the spine. Spinal traction can treat the pain associated with herniated discs, pinched nerves, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease.

Dr. Whetstone uses both manual and mechanical spinal traction. With manual traction, he uses his hands to widen the spaces between your vertebrae. With mechanical traction, he uses special tools to stretch the spine.

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